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Jeff Marshall

Jeffrey Marshall originally from New York and went into the Army shortly after I finished school.  I'm a computer engineer by trade but love storytelling.  Getting lost in a role is so rewarding.  Character research is one of my favorite things about acting.  And I do like to perform stunts. Hard-working, dedicated, works well under pressure and a great team player!

Height: 6" 0'

Weight: 285

Tattoos:  None

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: Brown

Shoe Size:  11.5

About Jeffrey Marshall

Union Affiliation

SAG/AFTRA - Active/Current Member


2022 - "We Own This City" - Stunts - HBO

2022 - "Tangled" - Supporting - PassionFlix

2021 - "Ms/Manage" - Supporting - 220th Street Production

2020 - "Boy Makes Girl" - Supporting - DFM Creative

2018 - "Super Troopers 2" - Towns Person - Votiv Films

2017 - "The Real Target" - Stunt Actor - RT Productions


Age of Empires II: Tomislav - Various Voices - Jackie Sailer

Acting Training

Meisner Technique - Baron Brown Studios - Anne Dremann

Film Auditioning - CFMA - Faith Hibbs-Clark & Bella Hibbs

Adv Voiceover - Terry Berland - Terry Berland & Nick Omana

Professional Acting - Barrow Group - Seth Barrish & Lee Brock

Voiceover Workshop - Barrow Group - Justin Barrett

Stunt Training

Rick Seaman's Driving - Stunt Driving - Rick Seaman

DirtFish - Rally Racing - Various Instructors

Weapons Training - Katana . Bo Staff - Pei Pei Yuan

Action PAC - Intensive Level 1 Highfalls - John Cann

Action PAC - Fire and Pyro for Film & TV - John Cann

Basic Stunt Fighting - The Hive - Phi-Long Nguyen

Stunt Driving - Bobby Ore Motorsports - Bobby Ore

Stunt Driving - Bobby Ore Motorsports - Amy Cheek

Special Skills

U.S. Army Veteran (1997 Soldier of the Year), Disabled Veteran, Army Airborne Paratrooper, Various Guns/Firearms, Archery, Katana, Bo Staff, Butterfly Knives, Stunt/Precision Driving, Street Car Track Racing, Motor Cross, Rally Truck Driving, Stunt Fighting, Boxing, Krav Maga, High Falls, Fire Stunts, Rescue Diver Scuba Certified, Swimming, Motor Watercraft, Sailing - Small Craft, Jet Skiing, Horseback Riding – Western, Downhill Skilling, Computer Engineer, Soldering


Western European, Southern US


Yes, Expires in 2028

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